STAX, from Grav Labs, are going to change water-filtered pipes forever. Unlike previous attempts at interchangeable systems, ours is the first to offer true, system-wide compatibility. Launching with 3 base options, 4 filter options and 3 mouthpiece options, the possibilities are endless. Stack as few or as many as you want! We’ve also designed a Bubbler Conversion Kit that allows you to convert the Beaker and Flare Bases into a distinctive scientific bubbler. STAX is the leading edge of functional scientific glassware.
  • STAX 1.0 is launching using 45x5mm Borosilicate Glass Tubing
  • 34/26 Joint Clips lock the together each section, keeping the Stax parts from separating - female joints are custom shaped to ensure a snug fit and an effective joint clip connection.
  • All glass on glass joints are tooled and ground on the material to reduce the amount of welded sections, making the STAX system as durable as possible.

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Grav Labs was founded in 2004, in Austin, Texas. We design and manufacture high quality scientific glassware. We pride ourselves on offering stylish, functional and affordable glass.